Want to Hire a Campervan? Better to Know Its Terminology First

Are you looking for a campervan for hire to be used for going to go camping with your friends or family members? If so, then, it would be better to know about the terminology of this kind of vehicles that you would know better what you are actually looking for.

The term “camping-car” is a word commonly used to describe a habitable vehicle. It is, however, a false Anglicism used in France. The dictionary already indicates this term in its 1952 edition, composed of “camping” and “car”. One sometimes finds the term “motor home”, which is of American origin, whose translation is literally “home equipped with an engine”. However, other expressions are used, or even recommended, depending on the country.

In France, the use of the term “camper van” has been attested since 1974. Other terms, however, make it possible to designate this vehicle: “motorhome”, “mobile home”, “motor home”, according to the ministerial commission of Terminology of tourism in 1982 and is part of so-called “recreational” vehicles. However, it is recommended by the same Decree of 1982 to prefer the substitute “autocaravane”.

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