Visa for Visit

Como sacar la visa de turista para estados unidos? You have to visit our website to know more about that. Definition of visa for visit is a visa that is granted to foreigners who will be traveling to another country under the framework of the visit the duty of government, social, education, tourism, cultural, family, business, journalism, or stop by to continue the journey to another country. Visit visa consists of:

– A visitor’s visa
– Multiple Journey visa visit
– A visit visa upon arrival

Usability and functionality visa
A visitor’s visa may be allowed to 1 (one) time trip and several trips. Visit visa for one (1) trip was given to the Stranger who will conduct the following activities:

– Travel or visit family
– Social activities or arts and culture
– The duty of government
– Sports activities that are not of a commercial nature
– Comparative studies, short courses, and a short training
– Provide guidance, counseling, and training in the application and innovation of industrial technology to improve the quality and design of industrial products as well as marketing cooperation abroad
– Conducting emergency and urgent work
– Journalistic activities that have received permission from the competent authority;
– Filming non-commercial nature and have received permission from the competent authority
– Doing business talks or purchase of goods
– Following on international exhibitions, give lectures or seminars
– Following a conference held at the central office or a representative of your country
– Conduct an audit, quality control of production, or inspection at the company’s branch in your country
– Candidate of foreign labor in the pilot’s ability to work
– Continuing another trip

Visa visit several trips were given to immigrants who will carry out the following activities:
– Visits government duties
– The visit of the business, and
– Family visits.

Visa for visit several trips used for purposes not work covering all aspects related to governance, tourism, social, cultural, and business activities that require multiple visits within a period of one year, the term of each visit no more than 60 days.

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