Thomas Joseph Macon was an author born in Virginia County in 1839,his first book ?Reminiscences of the First Company of Richmond Howitzers’ was published with Leigh Robinson in 1909.This book was followed by his autobiography ?Life Gleanings’ by published in 1913 by W.H Adams , the book can be found online at Tom Macon .

In the book Tom speaks about growing up and going to school in rural Virginia, Macon attended various schools with well established tutors as his family moved several times during his young age. In the 1850s Tom Macon he started working as a clerk in a dry goods firm in Richmond called Park, Nimms&Co.

In his book ?Life Gleanings’ he also shares his personal experiences that were a reflection of Virginia’s social custom as well as other major national and regional issues such as the presidential elections, the civil war and its after effects, the growth of the rail road among other issues. Tom Macon also gives his readers a historical overview of Richmond.

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