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Tips to save a little when hiring wedding DJ

Believe it or not, but most couples search for and hire wedding djs in monterey on price alone. If you are on the budget to hire this professional, there are some things you can do to save a little while working with a high-quality DJ. Curious about it?

Wedding date

Getting married on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? If your wedding is in the off-peak season, it is not a matter toa ask about a discount, which means that you can keep enjoying music provided by a DJ without spending too much money. This can be the challenging task even for most people. However, your DJ company should know your marriage date, so they will check whether or not the booking is available.

Payment method

The surprising thing is that some DJ companies offer the discount when you pay by check instead of using your credit card. If another payment method gives you more chance to save much more money, why not choose that payment?