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Risks of implants

If women scare to do implant surgery because they are not able to see the process of it, it is naturally but many women are not brave to do implant surgery because it has risks. Not only one but some risks that we can get implant surgery. We know if Saline and Silicone Implants are often used by women to get desired shape of the breast. The implant will be placed inside the breast and without the content. Then, the surgeon will fill out the implant with silicone gel or salt water. After we did it, we can not carelessly to our breast. We should care to it properly because if our breast hit something that is hard, it could break the implant. It will make the shape of breast back to normal and the liquid of implant is absorbed by the body. The side effects of spilled liquids do not feel in a few days but it will be felt in a long time. We should go to the surgeon if the implant was broke and ask him to clean the liquid in the body. If we are doing this not long after implant rupture, the liquid implant will not be absorbed by the body.

If the liquid implant was absorbed, we can get a breast cancer. That is the most frightening thing for women because when they have a breast cancer, the chance to survive is small. Therefore, before we take the implant surgery, we have to see the advantages and disadvantages of it. We have to see the disadvantages first because if we know it only has a slight disadvantage but dangerous, we will not take it. Otherwise, if the advantages are many but only briefly, we can consider it. Definitely, everything instant has a risk inside it and usually a risk is dangerous.