Lobsters are considered to be a poverty food in the 1800s

Lobster is one of the most popular seafood in the whole world. Who didn’t know about this big fat giant shrimp that’s popular for its image as a luxurious five-star seafood? Although we may know that today lobsters are considered to be relatively expensive, especially the red lobster prices, back in the days, lobsters considered being the food of the lower class people, back in the 1800s.

Back in that time, lobsters numbers in the sea are still so much more than today. Why? That’s because the lobster at that period of time has been considered as the food for the lower class people, such as slave, servants, poor people, prisoners, and much more. At that time the slaves are forced to eat only lobster every day. Due to the bad stigma of lobster, even the slaves have refused to eat them. However, after it’s recognized by the chefs that those lobsters could be cooked and tasted amazing, the demand for lobsters in many restaurants have been explosively increased.

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