3 Tips to decorate the corners of your house

You might find it hard to decorate your home interior, especially for the corners of your rooms. Sometimes, after you have placed the furniture carefully, one of the areas looks not right. Whether your decoration makes the room feels narrow or even too empty. One of the biggest secret in the interior design is by decorating the corners of the room beforehand. The austin home staging wants to share some info with you on 3 tips to decorate the corners of your house.

If we’re not starting by decorating the corners of the room, that area will look dark and feel abandoned. That’s why you can build your house with the very modern attraction in the corners of the room. The point is to create the illusion that the corner of your room is embracing the whole room. By making the corners more rounded, it looks like there is no corner at all.

Here are the tips that you need to know :

1. Put the curved racks

You can use the curved racks to be put on the corners of the rooms. This racks could store small decorations, toys, and mementoes such as the photo or sentimental things from the places that you’ve visited.

2. Make a reading place

Change the corner of your room to be a place to read. This is a nice idea if your house has a window near the corner so when you’re reading, you can get the natural light. You can make a mini library that made of the book racks that nailed to the wall or a rack near the armed chair or couch.

3. Add some plants

Placing some plants in the house, especially in the corners, won’t just give the house a unique beauty, but will also give you a lot of air. Choose the right pot for the size of the plants and make sure the room condition has been optimized for the growth of the plants.

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